Electronic attendance list 1.6.1-103 for Windows 10


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Electronic attendance list is designed to automatically monitor and analyze time in the company. The program consists of two parts: a program installed on the user's computer and monitor its operation and administration of the program with a function browsing the list of attendees and generate relevant reports. The system is easy to use and intuitive. Benefits of LeftHand Attendance List: * timesheet employees in companies employing from a few to several hundred pracowniów * easy way to monitor the activity of employees * reporting mechanism determining the working time of employees * it is possible to review the data for monthly hours of work in the payroll module, the LeftHand Full * Księgowość.Program client after installing the client software starts automatically when you boot your computer, like to fill out the list and "docked" in the form of icons in the "system tray". * Color icon represents the current status ("work" or "not at work"). * You can set an extra hour of the program is to remind you to fill out the list. * The program is very intuitive and easy to use. * You can review your entries for the selected day. * It works the same in Windows and Linux. * The basis of the program is the Firebird database server. The administrative administracyjnyPanel allows you to view a list of employee attendance. It is possible to search using multiple criteria, such as employee data, date, department, etc. In addition, you can print the relevant reports. * Report time workers for selected month * report detailed time workers by each event * detailed report on the working time of the employee selected for the selected month Note! Version with ads. You must register the software version with ads before the start of its operation. Since version with ads is free and you can build it yourself.